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Born and raised in beautiful Karachi, Pakistan, he became interested in fast cars with fat groove-less tires from photos in magazines and Firestone ads in Time and Newsweek. His uncle, who still works for Castrol helped the cause with company promotional materials.
The racing bug took total control when he discovered Sports Round Up on BBC World Service, and the discovery of live F1 commentary in the mid 70's on the African service of Radio France Internationale--with a faded signal and in French--sealed the fate.
"Henri Charpontier was the commentator and I still have vivid memories how he called the final laps of 1977 Swedish GP when Laffite won his and Ligier's first race, thanks  Mario Andretti running out of "petrol" in the closing stages."
"In 1982 I attended the 1982 Italian GP where Mario was on pole, then visited Ferrari factory at the invitation of Mauro Forghieri, the famous engineer. Surprisingly, race winner, in a Renault, Rene Arnoux was also there as he was going to Ferrari for 1983."

"I used to write to drivers from Pakistan and got replies from Andretti, Sneva, Parnelli Jones and Forghieri. Over the years I wrote some articles and did a lot of PR work for San Jose's original rebel racer Willy T. Ribbs, who is still a good friend and a San Jose resident."
Nothing comes between Nasir and Formula One, not even Calvin Klein or Diesel jeans.
His company, Saison 73, is based in Santa Clara and published their first historic Formula 1 calendar last year. "Maiden Wins" was a celebration of racing legends of the past 50 years taking the checkered flag for their first career win.
The 2007 calendar, Dynamic Duels, is a collage of classic Grand Prix battles and rivalries from the past five decades. Fangio vs Hawthorn at Nurburgring '57, Phil Hill vs von Trips in the tragic 1961 Italian Grand Pix at Monza. The fastest and closest finish in 1971 also at Monza.
And the duel of duels, Dijon-Prenois, the 1979 French Grand Prix between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux.

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